Talking Heads


In the Belarusian art community, I became known as an artist working with "beauty," creating canvases with aesthetically appealing people. Despite the popularity of my works among viewers and collectors, I quickly locked myself in this area, experiencing a serious crisis related to the search for meaning in this kind of work. The lack of competent and professional art institutions in Belarus and the expectation of "understandable" content from the artist only accelerated the process. After a long break of more than a year and emigration to Poland, I returned to work on the old "beautiful" canvases, but very quickly moved on to a new series, finally admitting to myself that this kind of art is extremely foreign, unnecessary and unpleasant for me.

The "Talking Heads" series became a means of liberation in which I practically peeled the skin off the portraits, leaving the flared, exalted, colorful heads without masks. Working on each painting required more and more distance from the process of depicting the experience to the process of working on the experience.  The "Talking Heads" series depicts exaggerated, inflated talking heads with something to say all the time. Most of the works were made on glued sheets of paper.

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