Artistic intervention

An artistic intervention involving a series of Giants sculptures held in Warsaw on Friday, September 29.

During the action, two of the seven Giants sculptures were hand-delivered under the doors of Warsaw's cultural institutions — MSN and Pawilon Bliska 12 — where they stayed overnight. This action is a manifestation of both my authorial presence and the presence of the culture to which I belong. They are fragile monuments of memory, assembled from bedding, branches and gypsum, rising three and a half meters high in the indistinct silhouette of human figures without faces or personification.

Since their creation, the sculptures have been in the studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where I study. Friday, September 29 was the last day they could stay there because of the conditions set by the academy: I do not know what would have happened to the works. Because of the difficulty of transporting such dimensional objects, the lack of storage space, and the academy's ultimatum, I decided to put the sculptures on public display. On Friday evening, with the help of colleagues and friends, we loaded the giants on our shoulders and carried them to the doors of Warsaw's cultural institutions without prior consent: the first giant stood in front of MSN, the second in front of Pawilon Bliska 12. The three of us carried the sculptures through Warsaw, tying them to ourselves with a belt and placing them on a movable cart.

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