Video: 78 minutes
Painting: 152x100 cm, oil on canvas

COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, political circumstances and social turbulence intersect and merge into personal stories emanating their palette of feelings and opinions. Grave social political and epidemiological situation prevented Ilya Sprindzhuk, the author of the canvases, from getting back to Belarus in order to complete one of the works for the exposition. To create or to complete (open to the reader’s interpretation) this painting the artist turned to a person without any relevant experience, practical skills or qualification. Supported by nothing but remote guidance from the artist through the webcam via Google Meet and receiving nothing but basic technical explanations Michael Sprindzhuk, the author’s brother, completed the work remotely.

Thus the artist took up the role of a conductor facilitating the process instead of being its immediate physical participant. Can a canvas be painted without an artist’s personal tangible presence? What role may be given to artistry and craftsmanship and is it possible to integrate any person without any relevant experience, practical skills or qualification into art practice? What may be the indicators manifesting the fact of a painting completed?  
The canvas is completed by Michael Sprindzhuk.

Video Process (rus)

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